This topic is about NIB. It really need it when you use fountain pen. How do you select it?

In TACCIA, we have EF/F/MF/M/B/Z/MS (Only Large 18K M/B). We consider that you may confuse when you want to buy fountain pen and send your friends, family… as present. This time, we made a psychology test for you. If you confuse how do I select NIB, feel free try this test!! From now on, you can pick your suitable one by yourself!
We will explain about detail as below. Please check it.

How was psychology test? Did you find your favorite one?

Next, we will introduce our NIB (14K &18K have 7 size).
*Our nib is made by Japan (it has carved seal of TACCIA).

You studied about NIB in here! So from now on, you can select your favorite nib every time!
We hope that use a pen tip that suits you.